New datatasks website now using NextJS

Timo Dechau

By: Timo Dechau

Published: 2020-01-15

New year - start with some website refactoring So 2021. Probably a big year. At least we plan to launch this year. So it will be significant for us.

New Website with NextJS

Before all this happens, I initiated some refactoring of the website. I quickly did the initial landing page (I don't dare to call it a website) to cover the initial launch. For the initial version, I used NuxtJS because I always wanted to try it out. It was nice and worked well (ok, for this kind of website, static HTML would have done the job as well).

The initial plan was to create everything using Vue.js. I find Vue easier to handle for someone who is not at home in javascript frameworks every day. But in the end, my plans do not include me as a frontend dev (sometimes I need to remind myself about that). For this job, I have a great partner ( who has a team of React wizards.

Therefore, I decided to have everything React based: The website, the blog, and the application.

The new website is based on NextJS and will also include a blog (and a podcast that will come in 1-2 weeks).

Why NextJS?

I did not make a full-fledged benchmark. For a client's project, we currently work with GatsbyJS to generate static content. It works well, does the job, and is component-based. But we ran into some issues (as you always do). What I don't like about Gatsby is how they handle their open-source vs. their cloud product.

Yes, they got funding, and they need to build a business. Everyone has to find ways to monetize their work. Gatsby focuses on their cloud product, and some stuff in the open-source one is missing because it is a paid feature: like previews.

Vercel, the primary maintainer of NextJS, on the other hand, has a different business model. They offer infrastructure. Of course, NextJS runs pretty well on this infrastructure (and it also does on Netlify or other vendors). Therefore they don't need to remove features from the open-source code.

That's why I choose NextJS, and so far, we are pretty happy.

Enjoy the new website and everything that will come in the next weeks.